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Mechanics of Yoga - Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    Yoga today has evolved into dozens of different styles and approaches. The Mechanics of Yoga presents a logic based in science and logic that when applied to any style of yoga, can dramatically improve your flexibility, strength, and endurance; while at the very same time, can also reduce your risk of yoga related injury.

  • How Yoga Works
    Yoga is the proverbial double-edge sword. The very same mechanics that makes yoga so wonderful can also hurt you. Knowing the principles, logic, and science of how and why yoga works can dramatically affect your practice and teaching.
  • History of Yoga
    A generalized history of yoga that differentiates the old from the new.
  • Toward
    Because a human body can never be perfectly balanced, the operative word of yoga must be toward.
  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic
    Explains the difference between yoga and yoga-based exercises as compared to exercise in general.
  • The All Important Fascia
    Blood, Muscle, Tendons, Ligaments and The All Important Fascia: Understanding the character and nature of soft-tissue allows you to practice and teach yoga more intelligently while minimizing the risk of injury.
  • 7 Principles
    The Seven Principles of a Highly Effective Yoga Practice allows you to safely practice and teach yoga, regardless of style.
  • NeuroMuscular Laws
    How Yoga Works: The Neuromuscular Laws supports the concept that " less done correctly always gets you more."
  • Bachin Alignment
    "Bachin Alignment" may be the key to understanding yoga: I believe you can learn more about yoga from Peter Bachin's, The Skeleton System and The Muscular System than from any other single reference.
  • Pain Management
    Although this chapter is directed primarily to people with chronic illness, severe injury, aging people, and those who work with them, do not be deceived by preconceptions: The very same logic and principles applies to everyone who practices yoga, regardless of the style practiced.
  • Yoga & Aging
    A yoga perspective on how the body changes as we grow older... and what to do about it.
  • Meditation & Yoga
    Yoga has been described as "Meditation In Action" - But what does that actually mean?
  • Spirituality & Yoga
    A dialog on the spiritual aspects of yoga.
  • Religion & Yoga
    The Conflict Between Yoga and Religion
  • The Medical Benefits of Yoga
    Excerpts from Yoga as Medicine and Who Will Stop the Pain
  • Q & A
    A compellation of questions and answers from my readers
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