Sam's Recommended Books

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I currently own or have used all of the recommended books on this page. I believe the more we learn how the body is constructed and the mechanics by which it works, helps to improve our yoga practice; and if you are a yoga instructor, this knowledge helps you to be a better teacher.
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This is recommended reading for all yoga teachers. I was interviewed extensively during the book's writing Other than "Light on Yoga," Job's Body was one of the most influential books in my career This is the premiere book on how anatomy and physiology relates to hatha yoga exercises
Mr. Iyengar is the #1 best selling yoga author in the world and Light on Yoga is the #1 best selling yoga book After 30 years, I continue to use Bachin's Muscular and Skeletal charts when teaching yoga. Clemente's work helped me understand human anatomy as applied to yoga. I used his material in ExTension Yoga
Myers brilliant discussion of muscle and fascia helps to explain how yoga works Richard Miller is considered one of America's leading exponent's on spirituality. Read his contribution to my website  Tim Gallwey's entire "Inner Game of..." series is highly recommended. Once you click through to Amazon, look at them all.

  Sams Recommended Books
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