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yoga community We will respond to your questions and comments:

The Mechanics of Yoga may be one of the few books of its kind that gives you online author support with its purchase! Once you purchase The Mechanics of Yoga, you may email us to ask questions and offer comments; and receive our response.

This is your website as much as it is ours: Get the most out of it by corresponding with us.

You may email us at:


Your feedback and participation are very important to us and to all of our readers. If you haven't yet read Seventeen Cents, An Apple, & a Flower: How to Participate in the Traditional Student-Teacher Relationship, we invite you to read it now.

In addition to providing your critical feedback and suggestions, I've prepared a list of questions that helps guide us as we continue building the website. Please feel free to respond to as many as you wish.

  1. How long have you been practicing yoga and in what tradition?

  2. If you are teaching yoga, how long?

  3. Which pages or what information did not make sense to you?

  4. Did any of this material challenge your basic assumptions about what you've been taught?

  5. Which pages or what information on this website did you find most helpful or interesting, and why? 

  6. Has any of this material affected your personal practice or teaching?

  7. What didn't you like about this website's content?

  8. What didn't you like about this website's basic structure and navigating.

  9. What would you like to see changed or added?

  10. We welcome any additional feedback or comments.
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