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Now that we are semi retired from daily teaching, Ellie and I are spending much of the year traveling around the country, in our RV, doing Weekend Workshops, Seminars, and Teacher Trainings. If you would like us to teach your students while we are in your area, you may email us with your request. Please include a description of the event you'd like us to teach, it's location, and the number and level of the students who would like to participate.

Workshop & Seminar Directory


Weekend Yoga Workshops

You may organize any type of weekend workshop you wish; from beginners only to advanced. Or you may utilize our favorite Standard Weekend Seminar that is designed to include students of all levels; from beginners, to ongoing, to teachers and advanced practitioners. During a Standard Weekend Seminar, the foundations of ExTension & Recovery Yoga are explored. Appropriate for all levels, the Foundations allow for exploration of enhanced flexibility, strength, and endurance without pain or strain. Traditional and non-traditional yoga exercises are dissected and put back together in a way that meets everyone's needs: No one feels left out.

Throughout our seminars, participants are continually asked to consider two fundamental questions: What is Yoga and How does it feel? Through a supportive and caring environment, your basic assumptions about yoga exercises are often confronted and interestingly enough, the more experienced you are, the more you will be challenged.

Standard Weekend Seminars are ten hours in length. They are typically given Saturday and Sunday with three hours each morning and two hours each afternoon. -or- Two hours Friday evening; three hours Saturday morning, two hours Saturday afternoon, and concluding with three hours on Sunday morning.

Teacher Training Seminars

Typically given over three, four, or five days, these seminars are designed for yoga teachers, those who wish to become yoga teachers, and serious students. Teacher Trainings explore in depth, the hows and whys of what it means to do an appropriate yoga practice. For more detailed information, please click on: Teacher Training and Teacher Training Outline.

Residential Retreats

From time-to-time, we are asked if we would do an extended residential retreat or training in a full-board facility, oftentimes in a vacation-area environment. Although we no longer organize retreats and seminars ourselves, we are usually willing to accommodate such requests. Please email us to discuss the proposed location and type of retreat desired.

FEES for Weekend Workshops, Teacher Trainings, and Retreats

You may charge your students whatever fee you feel is appropriate. Our fee is as follows:

We charge $300 per teaching hour, plus 30 percent of the event's net income.

Net income is calculated after all of your organizational expenses, including our fee, have been deducted from the total amount collected. There are usually no accommodation expenses as we like to stay in our own RV. Supplemental travel costs may be charged only if we need to substantially deviate from our existing travel itinerary.

All Workshops and Seminars require a negotiated deposit, which is based on our travel itinerary.

Cancellation Policy

If we cancel your event and you have already sent us a deposit, we agree to refund your deposit in full, even if If our travel is delayed or cancelled. However, if you cancel your event for any reason, your deposit, or a portion thereof at our sole discretion, will be forfeited.

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