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DonateFor more than thirty years, my students have been good to me. They have supported me both directly and indirectly; and even though chronic illness has forced me to limit the number of outside classes I teach (see Biography), I'm still fully involved with yoga by teaching privately and by sharing my yoga teaching experience through this web site.

If you consider yourself to be a serious yoga student, and if my teaching through this website has contributed to your yoga practice and education, there are ways you can participate in the traditional student-teacher relationship other than paying to read this e-book or by making monetary donations:

  • You can critically read this e-book and email me with your comments, questions, recommendations, feedback, and editing. Your critical evaluation of the material in this e-book helps me to refine existing content and generates additional material for everyone's benefit.

  • I maintain this website alone. If you are technically experienced, I need assistance with website design, promotion, and development. In order to help as many people as I can, this website needs to become more accessible on the internet, as well as easier to navigate, read, and print.

  • You can purchase my books and video lecture directly through my website rather than through other book sellers.

  • You can purchase my other recommended books and yoga materials through When you "click through" from my website to Amazon, anything you purchase generates a small commission that is used to maintain the website (see bottom of page).

  • And of course, monetary contributions are accepted to offset the cost of website maintenance.

  • Credit card contributions may be made using PayPal, the internet's most secure and popular payment system (click here for a description of how Paypal works). Or you may donate by check or money order (see below).

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