Private Lessons
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Private Lessons, Seminars, and Training
In our Miami home studio

Private Lessons

All classes last between 60-75 minutes depending upon your capacity and what we are working on. If you have not previously studied with us, your first lesson might run a bit longer.

Your first lesson, whether you a yoga beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner, introduces you to The Mechanics of Yoga from a Western Perspective and is extremely important, as it establishes your foundations for everything that follows. As you will quickly discover, a basic understanding of these mechanics significantly affects your progress and outcome; for without this understanding, yoga becomes just another exercise program that may or may not give you the results you are seeking.

After your Introduction, private and semi-private classes are scheduled by appointment only. We do not offer regularly scheduled group classes.

All yoga classes cost $100 prepaid. Your first class does not have to be pre-paid.

Because we teach by appointment only and have to manage my ongoing schedule, an additional $10 per session is charged for all non-prepaid appointments.

  • Pre-payment guarantees your scheduled appointment times.
  • Non-prepaid appointments are subject to rescheduling or cancellation.
  • Four or more prepaid classes are recommended.
  • Rates for unusually long sessions are negotiable.

Prepayment for Private and Group Classes

Prepaying four or more classes up front assures you of having your classes at the time and day of your choosing. Students who prepay receive priority scheduling for subsequent classes. Otherwise, we can not guarantee that "your time" will be available, as it might be taken by someone else who wishes to prepay for that particular time and day.

Cancellation Policy for Prepaid Private Lessons

  • Cancellations 24 hours or more: No charge.
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours: 50% charge.
  • Credits are applied to your next prepaid series.

If you do not show or give advance notice: Prepayment for that class or classes are forfeited.

If we do not show or notify you that we have cancelled your prepaid class: You receive a 150% credit for that class on your next prepaid series.

Private Teacher Training or Personal Intensive Study

Private Teacher Training or Private Intensive Programs can be designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Such classes typically last between two-to-three hours per session with up to two sessions daily and can typically be arranged to meet your travel schedule.

The cost is $190 per session for one trainee; $230 per session for two; $300 per session for three; and $350 per session for four. A fifty percent deposit (for your first ten sessions) is required to reserve your class times (see Refund Policy directly below). Local accommodations are conveniently located nearby.

Private Lessons or Therapy In Your Home

Although we rarely go to peoples' homes for yoga or therapy, we will travel under special circumstances, such as when a student is semi or non-ambulatory. In addition to my standard $100 professional fee for a 60-90 minute appointment, there will be a negotiated travel surcharge based upon my round-trip travel time.

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