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I often play music in my studio, and for the most part, it is played softly in the background. Don't laugh, but one of my favorite background CD's is not sitar or Indian music; but is instead ... "Pet Music," which comes in a three-CD set.

I also play music by Todd Norian. As a side-note (so-to-speak), I was his very first yoga teacher in Miami some 25 years ago, when he was a music major at the University of Miami. In the years that followed, Todd became nationally recognized as both a musician and yoga teacher.

During my seminars and teacher trainings, I often play a classical transcription of Pachelbel's Canon by Daniel Kobialka. Titled, Timeless Motion, Kobialka's rendition lends itself exquisitely for the guided meditation and deep relaxation of Savasana.

My last three selections below are among the most popular yoga-music offered by Amazon.

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