ExTension Yoga Excerpts
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The Safe 20-to-30 Minute Exercise Program
for Tight, Moderate and Flexible People

International Fitness Association (IFA)

If you are looking for yoga or active stretches you simply must take a look at ExTension This is a fantastic book of yoga exercises. Each exercise is very well explained along with instructions on what to do if you don't seem to feel the stretch, or think you are feeling it in the wrong place. It is chock-full of useful information and is very well written. 

Bonnie Wells , Durango, CO

I only wish I had known about ExTension Yoga when I began my yoga studies -- it's a compendium of sane, intelligent teaching that one can really grow with. The pictures are excellent, and I'm especially grateful that you included photos of how not to do asana, as well as the correct positions.

Fran Vainas, Warner NH, Yoga Instructor

I received your books yesterday.  Better than advertised! My friend had told me that the photos and drawings would be very helpful, and he was right!  I read, a lot, and not many yoga books provide real clarity as to how to evaluate the body's capabilities and limitations with respect to postures.  Not only does ExTension do that, it gives me, as a beginning teacher, lots of cues as to what to look for to understand exactly where my students are in their bodies.  I'm drinking it in, avidly!  Thank you so much.

Ashley Chin, Exercise Physiologist, Certified Fitness Instructor, Louisiana

As an exercise physiologist and certified group fitness instructor/personal trainer I highly recommend this book. I have been hesitant to try yoga because of the contraindicated moves (called poses), however this book makes the necessary modifications so that the program is safe, yet still effective and fun. I have looked at many yoga books, and even more videos and classes and this is my favorite. I actually recorded (audio) myself reading some of the descriptions of the poses so that I could do the entire sequence with someone to "cue" me with the appropriate instructions!

Amazon Books Review: Jennifer, Lawrenceville, Georgia

I read this book after delving into "home yoga" for about 3 months. As is probably common, I was doing many of the poses only semi-correctly. There is a lot of reading to be done here, but there is incredible detail to help anyone elicit the poses correctly. Dworkis also divides each pose for beginner, moderate, and advanced. After a particularly tough day of running and 5 sets of tennis, I followed the poses and felt refreshed, relaxed, and loose afterwards. The workout is also really only 20 minutes (after learning the poses) and fun to complete as well as challenging when striving for a more advanced level.

Janet Barryhill: Yoga Instructor

If you're a beginner and only plan to buy one book, buy this one.  I found this book at  the library in 1999, and it forever changed the way I teach beginning students.  Dworkis starts with something I have never seen in a yoga book -- clearly defined instructions on how to assess your own flexibility, combined with specific instructions on how the pose should be done depending on your level of flexibility. The book has many detailed and helpful pictures.  There is another key piece at the beginning of the book that I have not seen in other yoga books: a section where you assess your exercise personality.  Do you have an aggressive, moderate, or easy-going approach to exercise? He has insightful suggestions for each personality while working in the each pose.

Sharon Gysbers, San Jose, CA

I have to tell you how much your book helped me. I've had fibromyalgia for about 5 years and the first 3 years were hell. Anyway, so I finally bought your book because I could hardly move, I was so stiff. It was like a mini miracle. I never thought that I would be doing yoga exercises, but here I am and I feel so much better. I am not cured, but am now able to move and I have much less pain. I thank you.

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