The Mechanics of Yoga
How to improve your flexibility, strength,
and endurance while reducing your risk of injury.

Mechanics of Yoga

If you are:

Healthy but struggle with your
flexibility, strength or endurance

Or if you are:

Injured, ill, or aging and want to
start yoga or improve your practice

Then this website might be for you!


Sam Dworkis I'm Sam Dworkis and I've been practicing and teaching yoga for over 40 years. I'm the author of three books: ExTension Yoga (Simon & Schuster), Recovery Yoga (Random House), and The Mechanics of Yoga, an e-book that is part of this unique website.


Is This Yoga Website Right For You?

If you are normally healthy:

This website contains excerpts from my first book, ExTension Yoga. By experimenting with its techniques and logic, ExTension Yoga is designed to enhance your flexibility, strength, and endurance; not by working harder, but by working less hard. Its techniques are also designed to reduce your risk of injury.

If you are currently injured or have old nagging injuries ...
Or if you are aging or have a chronic illness:

This website contains excerpts from my second book, Recovery Yoga. It shares with you additional concepts and logic designed to help you feel better and to to facilitate healing.

For everyone who is currently practicing yoga or who is thinking of starting:

Expanding upon the logic and techniques developed from ExTension Yoga and Recovery Yoga, The Mechanics of Yoga explains how you can feel better; not by working harder but but by working smarter.

My latest book, The Mechanics of Yoga, is part of this website and incorporates aspects from both of my previous books; and yet, it goes well beyond both to explain the mechanics of how and why yoga works. Using logic developed from my study of anatomy, physiology, and kinseology, you'll learn how and why you can adapt yoga to your own unique requirements rather than trying to do yoga exercises the way most yoga books or instructors encourage you.


It doesn't matter what style of yoga you practice;
if you are healthy, ill, injured or how old you are.

The Mechanics of Yoga explains how you can safely
enhance your flexibility, strength, and endurance,
while at the same time, reduce your risk of injury.


All three e-books are fully accessible and downloadable on this website for a one-time $9 fee for each. Print copies of Recovery Yoga are also available through Amazon.

E-book Money Back Guarantee

If you feel you have not received value for your money, simply email us and we will promptly refund your money in full with no questions asked. Because you have a 100 percent money-back guarantee for your e-book purchase, you have nothing to lose…and potentially, you have much to gain.

Purchasing Recovery Yoga Through Our Website Helps To Support This Unique Project

Although hard-copies of ExTension Yoga and Recovery Yoga are available everywhere books are sold, we receive no royalties or compensation when our books are purchased elsewhere; even on other yoga websites where our essays are reprinted. Purchasing .pdf copies of my books through this website helps to support this unique project.

Sample my books:

The free sections of the website contain access to excerpts from all three of my books, how to purchase them, and how to study with me.

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Because of our personal experience both as practitioners and teachers, we feel the material in this website will beneficially affect your yoga practice; and if you are an instructor, it will have a positive effect upon your teaching.

After you read my books, you may email us with your observations, comments, and questions ... and we will respond. That's what makes this such an unique and unusual project: Through the miracle of the Internet, I can share with you my nearly 40 years of experience and you can invite me to participate in your own yoga discovery. Enjoy!     



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